New stuff I got for Christmas :D

Today, I went out to get few gadgets :D

I picked up FLIP MINOHD for $99 at NCIX!!!!!!!!!
hehe I always wanted a camcorder and now I got one
Gonna use it for recording project videos and bouken with NOMI <3

Finally got a place to put my kuribo and hanshin doraemon :D

Then I got an Samsung External DVD Drive for $40 :D

hehe doesn't require external power supply so can use it anywhere wit a laptop 
extremely happy :D

Lastly, I went to check out a local video game store, Gamedeals, in New Westminster. Picked up Onimusha for PS2 :D

I was gonna work on my project, but :D Need to play games lol

The following video was recorded using my new camcorder :D
It was just a test video of short intro video to Onimusha so nothing special...

By Joe Kwuen

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