New Gears From Today's Shopping

My project buddy was busy being an uncle so
I went out for shopping today yayyyy

Herschel Bag From the Boardroom :D

I needed a bag ever since my 3 years old Dakine bag's zippers broke.
This is a beauty :D

H&M Crew Neck Sweater and Polka Dot Socks :D

I got two pairs of socks for like 6 dollars... they are warm and fuzzy <3

Lastly, I went to gastown to check out livestock more specifically Casio gshock retro in silver, but they were all out :( But I did pick up a great pair of skinny jeans Levis 511(?) from Complex :D

I m a very happy man today lol Got all this thx to my 600 extra dollars from my sponsors <3
Actually I didn't rly spend that much money today (lil less than 200) :D

By Joe Kwuen

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