PONG Using uProcessor

Implemented one of the earliest video games, PONG, on TS-7200.

TS-7200 (uprocessor)
MAX197 (ADC)
AZ Displays AGM1232G LCD

TS-7200 is according to its manufacturer,
"The TS-7200 is a compact full-featured Single Board Computer (SBC) based upon the Cirrus EP9302 ARM9 CPU, which provides a standard set of on-board peripherals. The EP9302 features an advanced ARM920T 200 MHz processor design with MMU that allows support for high-level embedded operating systems such as Linux, Windows CE, and others."
It has an Linux OS inside with GNU compiler, GCC.

Implementing Pong on it was fairly simple - finished in 3~4 hours. 
The only difficult part of the project was writing an LCD driver.
The manufacturers provided incomplete data sheets for the LCDs. 
cheap Chinese products...

1 or 2 players
AI is impossible to beat :D guess why lol
Controls paddles by using potentiometers, and through ADC 

PS Sorry about the video quality :(

By Joe Kwuen

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