Project Ideas

So now that me and Tohru's Bluetooth-controlled RC car project (unfortunately
without a chassis due to $$ issues) is done, we are still deciding what to do for
the next project :D

Here are some crazy ideas we came up wit:

1. Breathalyzer: this would be a perfect project for our EE sausage fests.
I even went radical and suggested to use a dildo for casing...

2. 8-big game: I always wanted to program a NES style game. The problem
was that we all had different suggestions on which platform/device to implement
the game on. There was suggestion for using DE-1 board (educational FPGA
board which UBC uses), ucontroller with LCD, or just straight programming on
computer using something like Allegro for C++. A RPG game would be  

3. Something to do with Exercising?: lol since we EE students never "move",
we were thinking that cooool EE way of exercising may help :D Unfortunately,
there already is Wii...and even NES Power Pad

4. An Alarm Clock with MP3 player :D 

Feed us with some ideas :D

By Joe Kwuen

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