Bandai Space Battleship YAMATO

So today, I went to chill with Tohru and Ray in Richmond :D
we looked around hobby stores and i found thissss
well being an engineering nerd and all
I had to get this :D

Funny how I cant pull overnighter for school work,
but for this, I stayed up till now to finish :0|

anyways, the following pictures will explain all lol

The Beginning...
2. Easy Part Done :D
3. "uhhhh God" Stage... ohoh wait I have to do wahhhh with all those lil cannons!?
4. "My fingers are all sticky and nastyyy" Stage
5. yayyyyy :D
6. "oh wait... forgot to color it" stage ORZ
It was fun and cheap way to spend 6 hours :D
but note to self,
There is no going bak cause I used super glue...
so that's my final product for this time lol
Its sitting firmly next to my Storm trooper rocking with headphones... lol

By Joe Kwuen

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