DealExtremeeeeeeeee Shopping

It's been a while since last time I blogged :(
I was just extremely busy with school project and etc...

anyways during that time, I finally received some new "toys" from dealextreme.
I won't say how much I payed for any of these since if u know dx, u know everything's cheap XD

first of all,
Android figure... sorry to say but its actually imitation of Dyzplastic's figurines...
still looks decent thou!

then I got a windproof jetlighter :D

yayyyy :D

lastly i got ecigs but... the quality is what's normally expected for "made in china" product :(
soooo i won't post any pictures lol

Now that I will have some free timeeee,,, time to work on my "hobby" projects !!!

By Joe Kwuen

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