RC Car Ideas

 Just got my chassis for robotics project I am going to start soon...

Lol Chinese food while going through all the new stuff I got today
This was it in the beginning.

It took me a while to build it completely. 
After testing the complete OEM chassis, found out that 4 wheel wasn't going to work.
so i modified it a bit to make it into 2 wheel

Its prt robust chassis. It can be better thou...

2 wheels definitely helped.
So up till now, I have the rear wheel for acceleration.
Planning to (somehow) add a servo in the front for steering.
If not, I guess i can do the ghetto way...
(one wheel turning faster than the other; thus turning)

I am not sure if I want to change the dc motors.
I will find out after i get further into the project...
I definitely need battery thou.
preferably lithium...
It did come with sturdy 3xAA holders, but 
3xAA = 4.5V... sad lol

Anyways... video of its acceleration...

Oh, one more thing b4 I go to bed :D
I got this bluetooth module (not rn-41 which I used b4) for under 10 dollars (everything included)...
which is a super deal considering that rn-41 is around 30 + shipping and tax
yea so if anyone wants one, just use ebay and not sparkfun lol

By Joe Kwuen


  1. Wow, that's wierd. Just ordered exactly the same parts two days ago, and now I see this post including both! Anyways, got my bluetooth module at goodluckbuy.com, not ebay. Did you buy your robot chassis at dealextreme? And why are you talking about 4 wheel drive? It is meant to steer by spinning one wheel faster than the other, and it's originally 2 wheel rear wheel drive, right?


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