Next Project Ideas

I have an idea for my next project
besides programming Android apps with Nelson
and implementing NES on DE1 with Tohru

Basically, it's going to be an arcade stick
but with functionality to use it as a mouse for my computers

Already have all the kits so won't cost me any

I think this project will be more programming than electronics.

Either way I will start as soon as possible.

By Joe Kwuen


Clock for Noneko (Final)

Finally finished the clock

I am posting some pictures and a short video below:

Yes, that LCD is sticking out. Not quite finished yet.


By Joe Kwuen


Fixing my Acer Aspire One ZG5 DC Power Connector

Had some free time to fix my net book.

Yay Working Acer :D
Fixed it using just solder
I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else though...

Look at the top right corner of the mobo (middle of the picture). The connector burned off...
Replaced with some solder and voila!
I am pretty sure the power connector burned off for a good reason
in the first place...

By Joe Kwuen