Arcade Stick #1

This is the first posting on the arcade stick I am working on.
I play a lot of fighting games; yet I still don't have a descent fighting stick.
That is why I decided to make my own.

The components of this project are:
8 Push-Buttons
1 Joystick
Indicator Lights to Help Improve my Gaming Skills
Digital Controls to Provide Accurate and Fast Responses from the Inputs
USB Connection
C# User Interface

I finished the top side of my arcade stick.
It is made out of heavy cardboard, and plexiglass.
I used my school mechanic shop for drilling and etc.

I began testing just the direction controls on breadboard.
When I finish them
then I will start adding more circuitry and coding for the other inputs.

I am posting a video of my arcade stick so far:

By Joe Kwuen

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