Projects: Electronics

LCD Alarm Clock with Games

  • Microcomputer System | Mar 2012
    • Designed and tested a microcomputer system on FPGA using VHDL and logic block diagrams
    • Interfaced 68000 microprocessor with SRAM, FLASH, DRAM, and VGA port
    • Tested by programming 68000 with simple C code
  • Bed Bug Detector | Dec 2012
    • Developed the add-on user-friendly GUI maintenance unit
    • Developed the heater system that can heat up to 50*C manually and automatically
    • Developed the CO2 generation system that mimics human breathing
    • Finished 80~90% of the work done on this fully operational bed bug catcher
    • Designed the system enclosure using SolidWorks
    • Sponsored by Dr. Jason Sneath, and Dr. Shahriar Mirabbasi
  • Arcade Stick | Dec 2012
    • Designing with LED indicators, and fast-response push-button controls
    • MATLAB receiver using JAVA robot class
    • Able to operate as a mouse and an arcade stick
  • Sound-Activated LEDs | Sept 2012
    • Implemented a system of LEDs responding to stereo sound signals
  • WWV-Synchronized Clock | Mar 2012
    • Developed an alarm clock using 8051 micro-controller with assembly language
    • Integrated various functionality: WWV-synchronization, and auto-correction for time zones and summer time
  • LCD Alarm Clock with a game | Jan 2012
    • Developed an LCD alarm clock with a game
    • Reports two different time zones simultaneously
    • Displays graphical status according to preset timetable
  • Tamagochi | Apr 2011
    • Developed a Tamagochi using graphical LCD and PIC micro-controller
  • Breathalyzer | Feb 2011
    • Developed a breathalyzer with cheap alcohol sensor and PIC micro-controller
    • Failed to deliver accurate measures due to the quality of the sensor
  • Digital logic IC Binary Clock | Jan 2011
    • Developed a clock composed of only digital logic chips
    • Inspired by IEEE winner - all-transistor clock
  • CMOS-device Operation Tester | Jan 2011
    • Developed a CMOS-device operation tester for maximum 40 pin ICs
    • Sponsored by BCIT School of Energy
  • Pong | Dec 2010
    • Developed Pong using TS-7200 micro-processor and a graphical LCD
    • Integrated a perfect Pong AI system
  • Dynamic Webpage | Dec 2010
    • Developed a temperature reporting dynamic webpage using TS-7200
    • Implemented signal conditioning on temperature sensor to provide accurate and precise measurements

By Joe Kwuen

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