Gundam Wing BB 148 Model Kit

I just finished building and painting Gundam Wing BB model kit #148.

This kit included 3 models: a Wing Gundam, a mini Wing Gundam, and a mini Heavy Arms Unit.

I bought this kit from local hobby store located in Lougheed Mall - CLICK.

The guys there were extremely nice and helpful. 

Originally I wanted to work on Tamiya Mini 4WD Models, but they didn't have any in stock.

These guys at the hobby store are currently trying to order some for moi :D

Painted Gundam Wing

Initially it was mostly just plain white...


Pencil Marked Wings

Close-up Front
I am very happy with the result. It looks awesome thanks to Incaland Interactive.

His tutorial on painting plastic models really helped :D - VIDEO.

Other Mini Models

These models were not painted because they are too small!

I will probably make them look worse by painting.

Mini Heavy Arms Unit

Mini Wing Gundam on part of the Wings Flying/War Ship Mode



I used Gundam Markers and a pencil to color the Wing Gundam.

Pencil works extremely well for highlighted edges.

Check out the above picture of his wings for the results of pencil marking.

By Joe Kwuen

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