My Trip to Japan: Den Den Town and Hardoff

This posting has pictures from Den Den Town and Hard-off I visited
while my girlfriend was working.

I couldn't possibly bring my girlfriend to these places
because... these places are known to attract umm nerds like myself lol

Camera! My brother loves old SLRs.

Mazinger Z protecting a building from... what? lol

I love Tamiya Mini 4WDs. So many people racing them. 
Limited versions of Mini 4WDs - Giants and Tigers :D

Retro game stores everywhere!

Can't forget electronic stores. They had really nice-looking buttons. Just not very cheap...

Trip to Hard-Off. They are usually located far from cities...

After an hour and a half travel by train, I now had to walk 20 minutes.

Found some interesting buildings on the way though :D

After 20 minutes of asking for directions, I was finally there

I am going to get this for my future kids lol

These were my only souvenirs from Japan. Extrememly good deal - all for less than 30 dollars :D

By Joe Kwuen

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