Projects: Power

Ruskin Power Plant Exciter
  • Isolated Converter | Current
    • Designing isolated converter for UBC Solar Car
    • Required to efficiently charge batteries with solar panel inputs
  • DC-DC Converter | Dec 2012
    • Designing, building, and testing an open-loop controlled converter 
    • Designing and simulating a closed-loop controlled converter using Simulink
  • Power Distribution system for an Industrial Plant | May 2011
    • Developed a complete one-line diagram of the system using AutoCAD 
    • Sized protective devices, feeder conductors, and buses using CEC standards 
    • Designed a complete MCC
    • Adjusted settings of protection devices to achieve the best coordination
    • Provided coordination plot for the protective devices 
  • Various PLC/Control Relay Controlled Motor Starters and Synchronizers | May 2011
    • Developed ladder, schematic, and line diagrams for each controller using AutoCAD
    • Built and tested controllers for industrial-use motors and generators
    • Included all safety features: protective relays, fuses, circuit breakers, and overloads
  •  Lighting System for Commercial Buildings | Apr 2011
    • Designed lighting equipment quantity and layouts according to recognized standards
  • Three-output DC Power Supply | May 2009
    • Developed PCB using CircuitMaker and TraxMaker
    • Designed enclosure using AutoCAD
    • Outputs a regulated +5V output, variable 0~15V and 0~-20V simultaneously

By Joe Kwuen

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