Trip to Japan: Kagawa

This page is on my trip to Kagawa, Japan 
with my lovely girlfriend and two of my favorite friends - Taka and Ai.

Kagawa is located about 4 hours of driving from Osaka.
Taka drove all of us with Ai's car for us.

Thank you guys so much :D

Since Kagawa is famous for its sanuki udon, our first stop was
one of the most famous udon shop in Kagawa.

I don't normally eat cold noodles as you can see from other udon posts on this blog.

I can say that this place had the best cold noodles I have ever eaten in my life though.

Price was reasonable, the interior had cool traditional Japanese feel, and people were nice.

I had a blast!

Then we visited just random places to find anything interesting.

The trip itself was very relaxing.

I didn't visit any particularly interesting places, 
but I was with three other friends who showed me a great time there.

After checking into the hotel we reserved,

we went out to downtown of Kagawa to eat

more udon...

Personally I think my udon tasted much better than this place lol

Then like we always do,

we started to drink... lol

Asahi kuro beer

Taka and myself having intimate gay time lol

Another thing Kagawa is famous for: honetsuki dori (literally chicken with bone)
Honetsuki dori did indeed taste like a chicken with bone.

I did not find anything special about it lol

AAAAND like how all Japanese people  enjoy fireworks

we started playing like little kids with a huge set of fireworks lol

During our trip back home, we stopped at few places for rest.

Japanese Starbucks with azuki green tea frappuccino 

Taka doing his bishamonten at the traffic...

Ai acting like professional cameraman... 

myself just watching these two and shaking my head lol

Then my girlfriend made me pose with an... onion lol

ai rabune! tasted like any other ramune

My trip back home

By Joe Kwuen

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