Trip to Japan: Land of the Deers - Nara

I visited my favorite place in Japan - Nara.

It is about an hour away from Osaka by train.

Very excited. "Can't wait to be there" face lol

My girlfriend is also equally excited - maybe not... 

I am in NARA!

Nara is famous for being old capital city of Japan, Todaiji, and alsooooooo


Cuddling deers and people... how lovely lol

Eating kaki gouri and having best time of my life lol

Nozomi was scared of deers at first, but she found this sleeping one and decided to pose.

Nozomi says we look alike. lol

Thinking about my past and my future.
For some reason everytime I visit Nara,

I start coming up with the most random things to think about.

Magic of Nara... (maybe also dropping of deers too)

The last place we visited before heading home was an old inn.

Many famous people visited this place in the past - including Einstein!!

I got to sit on the exact chair he did about 100 years ago!

I felt smarter.

By Joe Kwuen

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