Trip to Japan: Random Food


This is first part of my trip to Japan this summer.

This page has all random food I ate when I was there.

First up was in Kyoto, Japan:

Just to give you an idea how ridiculous the price was - this dish was around $10. 

Avocado in Japanese dish other than California rolls? 

I went to Kyoto for dinner to meet with two of my girlfriend's college friends.

We went to fairly high-end Japanese restaurant.

They were very expensive due to the hideous exchange rate - $1 Cad. to around 70 Yen.

We ended up spending about $250 Cad.

Honestly, I think Vancouver has better Japanese places like Aki at much cheaper price...

Taste wasn't that good, but each dish looked amazing.

Secondly, some kushi-katsu and yakitori near Osaka station:

This is my kind of food - Japanese Izakaya food. 

I met up with my close friend, Taka to have a drink and talk.

Though he had to go on business trip the next morning, he showed up and we had a blast.

The mini taiyaki was ordered by my girlfriend - so cute lol

Thirdly, chilling near my girlfriend's house.

I drank, not a lot, but very frequently during the trip.

I had to catch up with friends, meet Nozomi's friends and etc.

After long day of work, Nozomi wanted to go drink so we just did near her place.

There were mosquitoes everywhere, but both food and liquor was cheap and great. 

By Joe Kwuen

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