Trip to Japan: Souvenir

This page just has bunch of pictures while I was shopping for souvenirs

NMB48 - nanba version of AKB48 store lol

Kumamon - official mascot of Kumamoto region

My girlfriend says we look alike...

I love Anpan man... grew up watching him. I wanted to get this kaki gouri machine lol

Bunch of takoyaki and taiyaki machines for sale.

Shinobi Joe

Kunoichi Nomi...

My favorite snack in Japan - cheap and delicious!

My favorite burger in the World... Teriyaki burger. I wanted to bring it here lol

Hardoff Shopping
Hardoff stores have some excellent deals. 
They are usually located far away from major city districts,
but if you can visit one, do so.

I bought a PS1 with beat mania controller, and about 10 games for less than 30 dollars. 


My mom's favorite candies

By Joe Kwuen

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